As South Dakota CFEL week (May 4 – 10) winds down, we want to share some of our projects with you.

Tomorrow, May 10 is the last day that we can accept an application for the CFEL Scholarship, which will be awarded during Bison school’s ceremony on May 15. There’s still time! Pass the word to any qualifying senior whom you may know!

 Members of CFEL raise the money for two $500 scholarships by hosting the Bison Christmas Fair every November. Ideally, one is awarded at Bison High School and the other at Lemmon High School, when there are eligible applicants. Sometimes both go to Bison or both to Lemmon. This year, Lemmon did not award one so both could conceivably be given in Bison this year! (Or, to other seniors in other high school’s when the applicants parents reside in Perkins County.)

 The criteria is as follows:

There are two $500 college scholarships available through Perkins County Community and Family Extension Leaders (CFEL) for graduating seniors who will be entering the fields of Home Economics or Agriculture.

A second chance selection is available for current college students if the scholarships are not awarded to graduating seniors.

The applicants’ parents must reside in Perkins County, South Dakota. The scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, scholastic ability, character, personality and desire.

High school seniors or college students (who are entering their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year) may apply. Preference is given to high school seniors but in the event that nobody qualifies, students who are already attending college may be awarded a $500 scholarship.

All qualifying students may apply and receive this scholarship twice. For example, a successful high school senior could apply and be awarded the scholarship another year, while attending college in the designated fields. When no high school student is eligible, a college student could apply and receive the scholarship in two different years if their field of study remains in Home Economics or Agriculture.

   High school seniors must apply this year by May 10 in Bison.

Students already attending college should apply by June 1, 2013. College applicants should contact the scholarship committee before sending an application to find out if there are still scholarships available.

Applicants for the $500 scholarships should submit the following to either member of the scholarship committee of the Perkins County CFEL: Beth Hulm, P.O. Box 115Bison, SD57620 (244-5231) and Donna Erhart, 411-12th Ave. W.Lemmon, SD57638 (374-3569)

  • A statement from the student regarding future educational intent.
  • A transcript of high school grades.
  • A letter of recommendation from a high school administrator, guidance counselor or mature non-relative regarding maturity, honesty, adaptability, personality and capability of the applicant.
  • The application must be received by one of the committee members by the respective deadlines.

It is expressly understood and agreed to by all applicants that the scholarship committee of Perkins County CFEL shall have the final and unquestioned decision regarding the awarding of these two scholarships. Perkins County CFEL reserves the right in any given year to withhold the scholarships at its own discretion and with out the necessity of public explanation.

Please call Carolyn Hendricks, 244-7488 or Beth Hulm, 244-5231 to visit and/or join Town and Country CFEL Club.