BAED is looking toward future development

Future Housing

BAED pursuing housing project

Bison Area Economic Development knows there are many things the Bison community could use and benefit from. The hardest part is prioritizing these projects to what can be accomplished first and what should go next. Currently BAED is working on a few projects including but not limited to updating the community website of, tourism and beautification efforts, sidewalk project, future housing and a property directory.

The future development of the Bison community will be done is pieces and currently the piece facing the committee is housing. BAED is in the very preliminary stages of learning what can be done to help bring additional affordable housing to the Bison area. Last week members of BAED meet with a developer to discuss what his experience told him would be a good fit for Bison and between the members and the developer, a four-plex unit with garages was discussed. The developer will bring the plans his company has used in the past to help with the decision making process.

After the preliminary decision was made about the potential design, the committee moved on to potential locations. This turned out to be a very difficult question.  The potential lot size of the housing complex should be around 150 ft by 100 ft or a bit larger. Potential locations were discussed without a clear choice of the best option. This question is where BAED is in need of the communities help, finding the best locations for future development.

BAED is currently in the process of creating a property directory to include possible properties that could be used for the future development of Bison. This directory can include rental, commercial, industrial, retail and properties for sale. BAED is asking the community of Bison to get in touch with Brandi Baysinger at 605-244-7526 or email at if you have any properties available for future development. Your property will be kept confidential if you wish or made public if you would like help selling or renting your property.

Please feel free to contact Brandi with any questions or suggestions you have on making the Bison community and even better place to live. BAED is constantly looking for ways to better serve the community and your input is greatly appreciated. Remember to visit for all the information about Bison and the surrounding area and “Like” us on Facebook at SD to find out what is happening in Bison every day.