Shadehill Reservior


Shadehill State Recreation Area

Shadehill State Recreation Area is one of the few large reservoirs in western South Dakota. Shadehill Reservoir offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy land and water based activities. The dam, built in 1951 by the Bureau of Reclamation, created more than 5,000 surface acres of water.
Many historic figures have crossed through the Shadehill area. In 1823, Hugh Glass was attacked by a grizzly bear in this area, which is documented in the novel Lord Grizzly. George A. Custer, who led an expedition of 1,000 men into the region, camped near Shadehill in 1874.

For more information about the area, you can visit Camping, hiking, swimming and boating can be done in this picturesque setting in rural Perkins County.